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Well child visits are an important way to keep track of your child’s health as well as their physical, emotional, and social development. Rahul Bhatia, MD, MPH, FAAP, FCCM, and his team at Caring Pediatrics in Tempe, Arizona, offers well child visits to ensure your child is healthy and growing. Well child visits also allow parents to interact with their child’s pediatrician. Book an appointment using the online scheduling tool, or call to check appointment availability.

Well Child Visit

What are well child visits?

Well child visits are annual check-ups that play a significant role in preventive health. These visits give your child’s doctor a chance to assess their condition and deliver any preventive health treatments or screenings needed. 

These physicals usually occur on an annual basis. They begin with the collection of basic vital signs and measurement of height and weight. You share information about any changes you’ve noted since their last visit, as well as any areas of concern.  

Well child visits allow the doctor to chart your child’s development against that of their peers. That can reveal trends over time and can help identify problems early. That gives parents time to evaluate interventions and make informed decisions about their child’s care. 

Why see the doctor if my child isn’t sick or injured?

Far too many parents only bring their child in to see a pediatrician once an illness or injury arises. That approach fails to account for the many preventive health benefits of annual wellness exams. 

At Caring Pediatrics, well child visits give parents a chance to ask questions and ease concerns. Topics you can discuss include:

  • Child nutrition
  • Sleep schedules
  • Discipline
  • How to help kids manage stress and anxiety

Your family receives personalized, unrushed attention during wellness exams. 

You also learn how to make the most of your child’s health. As your child grows older, they are part of the discussion portion of the exam. This empowers kids to take control of their health and wellness, which can extend into adulthood and create positive outcomes.

How often should I schedule well child visits?

Most kids benefit from annual well child visits, but there are cases where more frequent visits are best. For example, kids who struggle with chronic health issues like asthma or diabetes may need closer monitoring. 

Annual well child visits are also the setting where your child gets the vaccines needed to create a strong immune response. This allows them to fight off infection should they ever encounter those germs in the real world. Immunization is a critical part of both personal and public health. 

If your child is due for an annual pediatric well child visits, call Caring Pediatrics today to check appointment availability. Online scheduling is also available.