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Your child has had nausea, vomiting, and/or a fever for almost two days now. You worry about dehydration. Should you take her to the hospital emergency room? At Caring Pediatrics in Tempe, AZ, the caring, professional team is available for same-day sick visits so you can resolve urgent medical issues without going to the hospital. For quick, excellent care that helps heal your child and ease your mind, rely on our physicians and nurses for advice and same-day visits as needed. We also offer telemedicine appointments with our providers till later in the day.

Of course, emergency rooms always have their place for life-threatening issues, but for other medical problems that need quick attention, your pediatrician offers the care your child needs in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere. Plus, at Willow Bend Pediatrics, same-day sick visits are built right into the schedule. So, the staff can well accommodate the unexpected.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that same-day sick visits with a pediatrician greatly reduce the wait time for young patients and their parents and provide much-needed continuity of care. In other words, at Caring Pediatrics, we know you and your child, her health history, and current needs and can follow up later on what concerns you most right now.

Typical urgent problems

While each youngster and each sick visit is unique, there are common threads that run through urgent medical care for children. Your pediatrician asks you to contact the office for a sick visit when:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea persist for two days or more
  • A fever is higher than 103 degrees (six months and older)
  • You have concerns about your diabetic child's blood sugars
  • Your asthmatic child seems to need a breathing treatment
  • Your child has an allergic reaction (hives, difficulty breathing)
  • A laceration may require sutures or you wonder if a bone is broken
  • Your child may need a quick diagnostic test (a swab sample for strep throat)
  • Your child needs follow-up after an ER visit (suture and bandage removal)

Additionally, rest assured that even during off-hours, our office maintains a telehealth appointment option for our existing patients. Just call us for quick, accurate, and compassionate advice on your child's pressing medical concern.

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